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Over 1100 games
Real Plunger
50" 4K monitor 120hz
32" back-glass monitor

Game list

Unlike other pinball cabinates out there with smaller monitor displays, we offer a 50" 4K commercial grade monitor for crisp High definition graphics. The back glass, high grade monitor, displays the current pinball table game marquee in a stunning high-res image.

Real Plunger:
Start your game with the feel of pulling a real plunger that sends the virtual ball into the playfield for that extra realism.

The Pinball machine is wrapped in a gorgeous semi-gloss double laminated artwork prints. You can choose from existing designs or request a custom theme design (+$250) to match your game room.

Traditional Pinballs required are in need of constant upkeep and repairs which can add thousands of dollars in cost. This virtual pinball cabinet requires no maintenance at all. The ball will never get stuck. With no moving parts except the plunger, your machine will have a much longer lifespan than traditional Pinball machines.

You can have piece of mind knowing that every part in your Pinball machine is backed up by a 2 years warranty. (Screen and PC included)


Dimensions: W 32" X D 52" X H72"
Total Weight: 250Lb.

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